Kim Cameron has blogged about a conversation we have been having recently about the OSIS (Open Source Identity Selector) project. Negotiations have been underway for many months in order to get to a point where all parties are comfortable that legal and other issues are in order. I am happy to say that Red Hat has been involved with this process from the beginning.

I agree with Kim on the importance of the participation of Red Hat. As the leading Linux distribution it provides a platform for the project and a significant distribution channel, all things required for ubiquity. Ubiquity and cross platform support is a major goal for OSIS and the identity meta-system in general.

When I met with Paul Trevithick and Mary Ruddy some months ago to discuss Higgins it was clear to me that there was an alignment in project goals. Architecturally Higgins represents an uncannily good fit so I am very pleased to see the client effort folded into the Higgins project. Perhaps Higgins suitability is not so surprising given the exchange of ideas and collaboration that has been going on in the identity gang.

In the coming months I hope to be in a position to enable support for information cards on this site with end to end open source software. Watch this space.