Near where I live there is a diner that serves general breakfast fare. I am not much of a shopper. Hunting for bargains is not my thing. I buy only what I need. I’m an engineer. So, this particular diner has a characteristic that appeals to both my problem solving tendencies and my shopping requirements. One of the first things I noticed was that the prices of the dishes and the side dishes didn’t make a whole lot of sense. You can order pretty much anything two or more ways e.g. 2 eggs and bacon with sausages on the side, or 2 eggs and sausages with bacon on the side. Two ways, but only one way gets you the best price - you save around 50c by having sausages on the side. Suppose you want 3 eggs with that though, same answer? Nope. This menu is a true mark of genius, the rubiks cube of breakfast dining.

Then we have the case of Digital Identity World on September 11-13th next month, with an Identity Open Space on the monday. If you have a look at the registration fee for DIDW you will see that you are in for a cool 2k to step over that particular threshold on those particular days, and $300 less if you registered early. However, if you were to pony up $25 to register to attend the IOS on the Monday of that week you are entitled to a little discount at the DIDW. In fact the cost to you, gov’ner, would be $995. That’s right, early birds, the Way of the Folding Menu strikes again.

As my mother would say, if she had a blog, cheap at half the price.