I finally got around to checking out the support for information cards at Opinity. So off I go to grab Chuck Mortimore’s excellent proof of concept identity selector, install it on Firefox (an obscure browser used by long haired beardy folk) on Linux (ditto), create myself an information card and go acruising over to Opinity, click on the registration screen information card graphic, select my information card and I am greeted with:

You should use IE7 or above version to do this

Thanks for the heads up. Oh wait, Microsoft haven’t gotten around to releasing Internet Explorer 7.0 on Linux yet - I’m still waiting for the update. Did I get warped back to the 90’s? This had better not be taken as an exemplar for the first wave of implementation of information card support for the web 2.0 crowd. Or the web 2.0 crowd might find the first movers not movin because they can’t get in.

I suggest an alternative method of making sure the user does the right thing for themselves, upon receipt of an information card, use it, otherwise remain calm and ajax in Bob to explain what’s up. But whatever you do, don’t ever require a certain browser, browser version, or by extension, operating system.

Hopefully this example won’t last long.